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Sour Punch  Tropical Blends 9oz Bag

Enjoy a tropical twist on chewy candy bites. Perfect for the pantry or tossing in your bag on busy days, these bite-sized tropical candies pack a punch of sweet and sour flavor in every bite.

Each bag is a deliciously fun-filled adventure with a mix of tropical flavors to savor. Why settle for a plain candy when you can taste a splash of the tropics in every bite? 

  • Enjoy SOUR PUNCH® Bites® soft & chewy candy in tasty Tropical flavors
  • Featured tropical candy flavors: Peachy Paradise, Citrus Surf, and Kiwi Lagoon
  • Spread some sunshine by sharing your fav sour candy with friends & loved ones
  • About 9 servings per bag of fruity candy + only 120 calories per serving
  • SOUR PUNCH candy bites are a low fat, low sodium, Kosher and Halal certified treat

Sour Punch Tropical Blends 9oz Bag

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