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Sour Punch Strawberry Straws

Get your sour on with SOUR PUNCH Strawberry Straws! These chewy candy straws pack a punch of strawberry sour deliciousness that'll have you smiling for days.

Ideal for a midday mood boost, toss a tray in your bag for a flavor break during the daily grind.

No matter how you snack, prepare for some scrumptiously lip-smacking flavor. Seriously, one bite and you'll be hooked!

  • Indulge in iconic SOUR PUNCH® Strawberry Straws candy
  • Classic sweet and tart Strawberry candy flavor with a chewy candy texture
  • Toss a tray of sour strawberry straws in your purse or backpack for a convenient pick-me-up
  • Smothered in signature sour sugar, these straw candies pack an invigorating punch
  • SOUR PUNCH candy is a low fat, low sodium, Kosher & Halal certified food

Sour Punch Strawberry Straws

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