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Sour Punch Twists Wrapped

Delicious flavors meet sour satisfaction with Sour Punch Individually Wrapped Twists!

Perfect for parties or pantry snacks, these sour candy twists are the ideal addition to your lineup of favorite snacks to keep around.

Toss a handful in your bag for long days or munch on them from the comfort of your couch.

However you prefer to indulge, do it with Sour Punch Twists!

  • Dig in to 3.9lbs of tasty SOUR PUNCH® sour candy twists
  • The large resealable tub makes this classic chewy candy super simple to store
  • Includes delicious Blue Raspberry, Cherry, Strawberry & Apple fruit candy flavors
  • These individually wrapped candy pieces are great for sharing and the tub makes a great countertop candy jar
  • Friends & family are sure to enjoy this low fat, low sodium, Kosher & Halal certified candy with signature sugar coating

Sour Punch Twists Individually Wrapped

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