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Sour Punch

Sour candy meets favorite fruity flavors in this 5oz bag of Sour Punch Fan Favorites! Our iconic chewy candy bites speak for themselves, but in the flavors our fans love most, this item screams next-level goodness. Grab a bag and taste for yourself! 

  • Don't miss the amazing mashup of flavors found in SOUR PUNCH® Bites® Fan Favorites!
  • Featuring 4 fruity candy flavor favs: Grape, Fruit Punch, Tangerine and Lemon
  • Pair the best sour candy flavors with your other favorite treats for a truly unique snacking experience
  • This soft & chewy candy is the perfect addition to your pantry or countertop candy jar
  • SOUR PUNCH candy is a low fat, low sodium, Halal & Kosher certified food

Sour Punch Fan Favorites Bites 5oz Bag

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