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Medispo Nitrile Gloves

These innovative gloves offer all the protection and durability of a standard disposable glove but are vastly better for the environment. Our exclusive polymerized formulation means our gloves—designed with a 3-year shelf life—are the fastest biodegrading glove ever produced, up to 85 times faster than conventional nitrile gloves.

  • Our exclusive polymerized formulation causes rapid decomposition in a landfill.
  • ASTM D5526 testing showed 30% biodegradation in 202 days (30 times faster than conventional nitrile). Testing is based on a landfill environment rather than an anaerobic digester.
  • ASTM D5511 testing showed 85% biodegradation in 331 days (85 times faster than conventional nitrile gloves). Testing is based on the sealed environment of an anaerobic digester.
  • Glove biodegradability is triggered by bacterial activity, meaning the gloves hold their physical properties for up to 3 years in a conventional environment (because they aren’t being exposed to the bacteria found in a landfill.)
  • Exceed ASTM standards for tensile strength (31PM vs 16PM standard).
  • Exceed EN standards for force at 7N (vs 6N standard).
  • Rated AQL 1.5 for pinholes.
  • Passed numerous toxicity and food contact test in multiple countries including the US and Japan.

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Medispo Nitrile Gloves

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