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Hot Dog Hinged Foam Container

Hot Dog Foam Hinged Container


Convenient and efficient, this Dart 99HT1R white foam, single compartment container with perforated hinged lid is perfect for your take out service.

From to-go wraps in your fast food venue to deli sandwiches in your cafe to desserts in your restaurant, this all-purpose clamshell container is a reliable and convenient item for your food service industry.
The container is insulated to maintain food's proper serving temperature, ensuring customer satisfaction as well as food safety, and the foam material makes it a cost-efficient option over other materials.

Its two separated compartments can help you easily organize and store a main dish with one side! It features a perforated hinge, which allows you to easily remove the lid for a less cluttered dining experience.

The removed lid can then also double as an extra plate for sharing take out meals.

Thanks to its secure closure tabs, the single compartment hinged lid take out container protects against accidental openings and spills


Pieces per pack      125
Packs per case      4
Units per case      500
Container Size      Small
Material                   Foam
Color                       White
Food Handling   Cold Foods or Hot Foods
Shape   Oblong

Hot Dog Hinged Foam Container

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