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9x9 3 Compartment Foam Hinged Container

9x9 3 Compartment Foam Hinged Container


This vented foam takeout 3-compartment container is a convenient and easy option for your to-go orders!

This product measures at 3 inches high by 7 inches wide by 7 inches long.

This container is ideal for improving your business's take out service or for conveniently packing leftovers from your sit-down establishment!

Store one entree, such as hot meals like pasta, or cold items like a salad or sandwich in this perfectly sized clamshell container.

Foam ensures nonabsorbent performance.

Deep profile minimizes the potential for messy spills. 

Maintain food at their optimal temperature longer with insulated foam cups.

Hot or cold, insulated foam delivers food the way they were meant to be.


Pieces per pack      100
Packs per case      2
Units per case      200
Container Size      Small
Material                   Foam
Color                       White
Food Handling   Cold Foods or Hot Foods
Shape   Square

9x9 3 Compartment Foam Hinged Container

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