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6 Compartment lunch foam tray

6 Disposable Compartment Foam Trays


Compartment foam trays are second to none in quality and functionality. With five compartments, the white school meal tray is durable and secure enough for hot and cold foods. This tray is ideal for cafeteria and commissary use. Great also for separating dressings and sauces from breads and pasta, our compartment school food trays will help keep your meal fresh and appetizing!

Disposable Foam School Lunch Trays

Sturdy: Resists bending and buckling

Disposable: Eliminates dishwashing and expensive permanentware replacement

Non-laminated satin foam trays: Perfect for fast food, cafeteria and employee feedings


Material           Foam
Food HandlingCold Foods or Hot Foods

6 Compartment lunch foam tray

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